The origin of the Bridal Bouquet, its traditions and meanings

It is important for every bride to know all the symbology that involves the origin of the Bridal Bouquet and which are the most traditional models. There are many different styles of bridal bouquets to choose from, and brides generally choose bouquets according to popular trends at the time of the wedding. However, some brides choose bouquets that evoke a different time period. While the meaning of flowers can contribute to send a message about the bride, the shapes of bouquets are a personal preference. On this special day, all eyes will be on the bride and a stunning bouquet can complement the wedding dress, match the church décor, match the wedding season and provide a touch of colour so that the bride feels absolutely stunning. But what is the origin of the bridal bouquet? Let’s find out all the symbology that involves this magical accessory, part of the beautiful wedding ritual.

The origin of the Bridal Bouquet

According to some historians, the origin of the Bridal Bouquet dates back to Rome and Ancient Greece, where flowers were part of the decoration of the wedding ceremony. In Rome, bridal bouquets included grains, spices, herbs and flowers that symbolized new beginnings, fidelity and fertility. 

In Greece, flowers were offered to the brides as a way of celebrating this great achievement or this remarkable event in the life of the young woman. Flowers could be offered in the shape of a crown or garland, which was placed on the bride’s head. They could also be offered in the shape of a flower bouquet.

In the Middle Ages, the exchange of flowers between lovers became an increasingly popular way of expressing love. This romantic gesture was eventually linked to weddings, but for many reasons other than romance.

Some reports usually mention that, in the Middle Ages, the first bath of the year was taken in the month of May, a period when temperatures began to rise in Europe. As bathing was not a frequent activity, the bride would carry a Flower Bouquet in order to disguise any unpleasant odours she might exude at the time of the wedding ceremony. This might also be the reason why the month of May is famous for being the month of brides, chosen due to the proximity of the date of the first bath of the year. 

Another alleged reason for the emergence of the Bridal Bouquet is due to an interesting report. According to this story, the bride, on her wedding day, would walk across the village until she reached the church where the ceremony would take place and, during this journey, locals would offer her flowers from the countryside, which the bride would arrange in a beautiful bouquet. These flowers meant to wish the couple peace, harmony, prosperity and a happy life.

Other reasons behind the origin of the bridal bouquet

Other theories also claim that the bouquets had other purposes besides romanticism,
such as the language of flowers and to disguise unpleasant odours.